MUHR-TinKart wins the "Worldstar" award!


In January 2024, together with our partner company Sika Germany, we were awarded the World Packaging Organization's "Worldstar" Award for our new packaging solution MUHR-TinKart - a two-part welded tinplate cartridge for silicones, acrylics and adhesives.

The Worldstar Award is an international award in the packaging sector and recognizes innovation, sustainability and technological advances that lead the way for the future of the packaging industry. The award is a symbol of excellence and recognizes products that stand out on a global scale for their quality and innovation.

With MUHR-TinKart, we present a revolutionary solution in the fight against plastic waste. The innovative approach avoids over 25,000 tons of plastic waste and promotes the circular economy. Until now, silicones and acrylics have been filled into PE plastic cartridges, which cannot be recycled due to contamination by silicones.

MUHR-TinKart, the first cartridge made of tinplate, can be almost 100% recycled thanks to its magnetic properties and can be used to produce new packaging steel or other durable components, e.g. for the automotive and bicycle industries.

In addition, MUHR-TinKart is manufactured using bluemint® steel, which saves up to 69% CO2 emissions during production compared to conventional steel making.