Tinplate single packaging

Pails and cans with removable lids, as single packaging from 1 to 34 liters (0.25 – 9 US gal), with hazardous material approval for solid, liquid and particularly heavy products.

All tinplate packagings comply with the MultiMUHR standard, which allows different approvals and closure variants in combination with the same container base.

The patented triangular curl guarantees excellent basic stability of all containers. All pails and cans are leak-tested piece-by-piece and thus offer a significant plus in safety.

Design variants:

  • without approval
  • with RID/ADR approval
  • with UN approval, optionally for high-density liquids
  • outside surface plain, roller-coated in one color or printed in several colors
  • high-quality interior coating resistant to filling goods
  • standard plastic push-in and clinch closures
  • pails with side handles or pail/bucket handle

Can be closed with press-on lid (MUHR-SafeSnap), manually with closing ring, or automatically with MUHR closing technology (MUHR-Lock, MUHR-ReLock).


1 – 34
different approvals
for dangerous goods

Tinplate open head containers

All tinplate lidded containers comply with the MultiMUHR standard.

They are leak-tested piece by piece and thus offer a significant advantage in terms of safety compared with the rest of the industry.

A wide range of features is available in packaging with unvarnished plain surfaces, fill-resistant, high-quality interior coatings, and brilliant printing.

container type capacity
inner diameter
form approval
packaging groups
pails 2 – 5 160 cyl./con. x x II – III
  3 – 7,5 180 con. x   II – III
  5 – 14 230 con. x x II – III
  12 – 22 280 con. x x II – III
  24 – 32 328 con. x x II – III
cans 1 – 3 160 cyl. x   II – III
  1,5 – 3,5 180 cyl. x   II – III
  2,5 - 6 230 cyl. x   II – III
  8 – 10 280 cyl. x   II – III