Closure and lid variants

A wide range of closure and lid variants for steelplate and tinplate containers, which can be closed manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically, tamper-proof with one-time closure or reclosable.



Closing ring

The manually closable standard for all steelplate and tinplate lidded containers. With hazardous material approval for solid, liquid or particularly heavy liquid products of high density.




The automatically closing, resealable closing ring with ready-mounted safety split pin. For pails, drums and cans made of tinplate and steelplate, with hazardous goods approval for solid or liquid filling goods, including high density liquid products.




The automatically closable, tamper-proof, disposable tear-open closure. For tinplate pails and cans, with dangerous goods approval for solid or liquid contents.




Press-on lid that can be closed without a closing ring manually and automatically. Easy to open and yet tightly reclosable several times. For tinplate pails and cans ø180 mm and ø230 mm, without dangerous goods approval.